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How the heck do you translate 'boolean variable' to Spanish?

my site dedicated to english -> spanish translation of the most common technical, web development, and e-commerce terms

One day I was tasked with translating a eCommerce focused semi-technical letter from English to Spanish. As a web development project manager I was very familiar with all the terms plus as a native Spanish speak I thought translating these 6 terms was going to be a piece of cake --- umm wrong!
It took me about 3 hours to translate the 6 paragraph letter. I kept getting stumped with how to properly translate technical and eCommerce terms. I scoured the internet trying to find the best translation for each word and I quickly realized that either translations were straight up wrong ('desktop' was literally translate to 'reading desk') or weren't all in the same place.
This site is meant to help the poor souls out there who are in their own technical translation hells.
"Vaya con dios" (translation = good luck sucker)
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